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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Briand's Auto Repair:

Have had multiple vehicles in my household serviced and repaired for the last 2 years by Keith and his son. They truly go above and beyond to help us out, even on short notice. Honest, Fair and Hard Working!

Marianne Beck

Skilled and knowledgeable mechanics. Honest and qualified services.

Michael Ciola

We all know what a terrible experience it can be to deal with auto mechanics after already having to deal with the added stress of car issues. This was entirely the opposite case with Keith. He was so laid back and willing to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. He estimated to fix my car it would be about 45 minutes and cost $85. Well, he fixed my car in 25 minutes and it ended up costing $70. A lower cost than initially estimated is unheard of in the automotive repair world! I was extremely pleased with his level of customer service and I am happy to say I don't need to search for a new car mechanic in the future. I would definitely recommend Briand's to anyone looking for a stressless car repair experience!

Tiffany Brown

Hands down one of the best garages around. Last year I was having brake trouble and was wearing through pads fast. I went to two other garages that never found the actual cause of the brake troubles - they did pads/rotors & pads/rotors/calipers. Briand's Auto Repair found the real cause of the issue right off the bat - collapsed brake lines which stopped the brake troubles. They are easy to work with, do great work, and their prices are way better than many of the other places. I highly recommend this shop. I'll be doing business here for a long time.

Andrew Boutin

This is the best shop in town. These guys are honest and don't make you pay twice or thrice the real value of the job. Highly recommended.

Emile LeVeille

What Gordon said. I have been with Keith for seven years wih a few cars driven by my family. Nrver had anything in for rework. I trust Keih completely with my vehicles.

Robert Campbell

There are very few truly honest automotive mechanics in this world, and Keith Briand is definitely on that list. If you want to get some quality work done right the first time on your car or truck, without worrying about being treated fairly, Briand's is the place to go. Plus, Keith is just a heck of a nice guy.

Gordon Philips

Having car trouble? Check out my buddy's shop. He's a really good guy who loves cars.

Jared Davis

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